The Benefits of Caring for Orchids – The New Fountain of Youth

orchids are the new fountain of youthDifferent orchid types have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries now. In China and Japan alone, these ancient plants are used as medicinal teas and antibacterial powders. While in India, orchids have been used in cosmetics and various skincare products. They have been said to cure anything from a mild cough to even severe acne. In India, orchids have been used in cosmetics and various skincare products throughout history.

It’s only recently that the west is finding out about and utilizing the incredible medicinal effects of these plants. They have previously been used to create perfumes and scents. But just recently, orchids have been developed into – you guessed it -skincare products. Moisturizers, toners and lotions are only a few examples of the skin care products that orchids have given us. Apparently, orchid extract has an amazing ability to fight free radicals that cause early or premature aging. In fact, its extract has been tested and proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

In modern Taiwan, scientists have been researching the use of orchids in terms of cosmetics and skincare. Taiwan has decided to do this to open up some business opportunities to its horticulture industry, since they have extensive knowledge in breeding orchids. Their most recent development is an orchid-based skin toner, which they say is only the first step in their effort to create more orchid-based skin care products.

One of the more popular companies in orchid-based skin care products is Guerlain. It seems that the company has been experimenting with almost 3,000 variations of orchids in their own private collection. They have discovered a certain cell in the roots of orchids that slows down the orchid’s aging process, which in turn can be used to reverse the effects of aging in the human cell. Certain effects such as firming the skin, reducing dark spots and soothing puffiness are only a few of the many beneficial effects it can have.

Orchids may be the closest thing we have to a real fountain of youth. We can only hope that in the following years more discoveries may be found in line with the effects of orchids in regard  to our total health. Orchids are one of the oldest species of plants in the world. If we can discover a few of their secrets to longevity through growing orchids, then maybe we can further extend our own lives. (If not at least have much better skin.)

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